Each year more than 150 million tons of metal is produced, and
more than 120 million tons is recycled, taking a large burden off our environment. 
We're happy to do our part! 
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List of Metals
We Buy

General Public
& Contractors

Don't let your metal end up in a landfill, bring it to
Empire Recycling to be recycled and re-purposed!

We take all metals, including appliances, cast iron and copper pipes, sheet metal, aluminum siding, lawn furniture, and more.  Click here for a full list of metals we buy.

Recycling your metal is quick and easy. 
Our trained staff is there to help you.
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Commercial Services
& Businesses

We make metals recycling easy for you!

Empire Recycling offers container service of all types, flatbed services and dump trailers for large pieces of metal.  We can even shear on site for your specialty projects!
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One of the Nation's Largest Metal Recycling Centers

Our Recycling Process

Empire Recycling serves small and large businesses, individuals, municipalities and major manufacturers from our recycling centers located in Utica, Syracuse, Waterloo, Binghamton and Albany, New York.

Family owned and operated for more than 100-years, Empire Recycling is here to help you through the recycling process.

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Empire Recycling processes millions of pounds
of metals and paper each week... accepting all metals, from Aluminum to Zinc!
A leader in the recycling industry since 1916

Empire Recycling has a 30-acre, 200,000-square-foot complex in Utica, New York,
metal recycling locations in Albany, Syracuse, and Waterloo.


Mail:  64 North Genesee Street, Utica, NY 13502

Phone: 315-724-7161  |   Fax: 315-724-0167

E-Mail: info@empirerecycling.com

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Metals to paper, steel to transportation - we are here for you!


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